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Top 12

Like all years, 2020 has 12 months and we needed to choose the top 12 drivers for the 2020 “Greatest” Grand Prix Calendar.

The fair way to build this list was to go with the facts and so for 2020 we’ve gone with the most wins, which takes us on a journey covering some of the most famous names in the history of the sport.



Michael Schumacher

91 wins, raced from 1991 through to 2012 with a break for 2007-2009. The most successful driver in the history of Formula 1


Lewis Hamilton

83 wins (and counting), racing in Formula 1 since 2007 and now had 6 World Championships. More wins are likely for the most successful British driver ever.


Sebastian Vettel

53 wins and counting. Racing in Formula since 2007 with 4 World Championships and most likely some more yet to come. He dominated the sport for many years and is currently battling for wins with Ferrari in 2019


Alain Prost

51 wins from 1980, through to 1991 and a couple in 1993. Raced in one of the most iconic eras of Formula 1. Referred to by many as “The Professor” and known by many as the fierce rival to Ayrton Senna.


Ayrton Senna

41 wins, raced from 1984-1994 and likely would have had many more wins if it wasn’t for the horrific crash in 1994. 3 times Champion and remembered by many to be “The greatest” with his insane speed, passion and grit.


Fernando Alonso

32 wins and 2 World Championships having raced in 2001 to 2018. He could return to the sport, but what ever happens he’s up there as one of the greatest drivers ever.


Nigel Mansell

31 wins and a World Championship having raced from 1992 through to 1995 with a break in 1993. A driver of the people and loved by many for his determination and racing style that saw him eventually dominate the 1992 season with the famous ‘Red 5’ on his car.


Jackie Stewart

27 wins and 3 World Championships having raced in 1965 through to 1973. He raced during the some of the most dangerous years of Formula 1 and continues to be an ambassador for the sport. The greatest Scottish driver in the history of the sport.


Jim Clark

25 wins and a double World Champion having raced from 1960 through to 1968. He raced in multiple series and is often referred to as the greatest of his generation. He became synonymous with Lotus in Formula 1.


Niki Lauda

25 wins and a triple World Champion. He raced from 1971-1979 and again in 1982-1985. Having passed away in 2019, he’s remembered as one of the greatest drivers in the history of the sport and his documented rivalry with James Hunt.


Juan Manuel Fangio

24 wins, but regarded by many as the absolute greatest – he dominated the first decade of Formula 1, taking 5 World Championships between 1950 and 1958, driving for Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari and Mercedes.


Nelson Piquet

23 wins and 3 World Championships. He raced from 1978-1991 winning 2 titles with the Parmalat Brabham and his third in 1987 with Williams.

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