The new season is nearly here

Thanks for scanning the QR code and I hope you're pleased with the 2024 Greatest Grand Prix Calendar! 

February is a busy month for Formula 1 - we have all the teams launching new cars and potentially some new livery designs too. We have winter testing and then the new season officially begins in Bahrain right at the end of month. Oh and we have the new Drive to Survive on Netflix too.

Car launches

  • February 2nd - Haas car launch
  • February 5th - Sauber / Stake and Williams car launch
  • February 7th - Alpine car launch
  • February 8th - Visa Cash App RB (i.e. Alpha Tauri) car launch
  • February 12th - Aston Martin
  • February 13th - Ferrari
  • February 14th - Mercedes and McLaren
  • February 15th - Red Bull Racing

Winter / Pre-season testing

  • February 21st - 23rd in Bahrain

Drive to Survive

  • February 23rd - New season drops on Netflix 
  • Ridiculously close to the new season, with just a week to enjoy the dramatised recap of 2023 before the 2024 season begins. 

Bahrain Grand Prix

  • February 29th - Practice 
  • March 1st - Qualifying
  • March 2nd - Bahrain GP

And here's a quick summary of the drivers featured in the the 2024 calendar, more content will be here soon too...


  • January

    Lewis Hamilton

    The statistically greatest driver in Formula 1, Hamilton has claimed many records as well as his 7 titles. He was controversially denied an 8th in 2021. This image shows him on his way to a Monaco podium in 2018.

  • February

    Michael Schumacher

    Schumacher redefined how to win in Formula 1. After winning 2 titles with Benetton in 1994 & ‘95 he then moved to Ferrari and went on to dominate the sport, taking an unmatched 5 titles in succession.

  • March

    Juan Manuel Fangio

    Fangio was paramount during the first decade of Formula 1. Achieving five World Championships - he was deservedly known as El Maestro (the Master).

  • April

    Alain Prost

    Prost claimed 3 championships with McLaren, only leaving the team following his legendary rivalry with Ayrton Senna. After a couple of seasons with Ferrari and then a year out, he returned in 1993 and gained his 4th title with Williams.

  • May

    Sebastian Vettel

    Vettel attained an impressive 4 consecutive World Championships, with his first title being won when he was only 23 years old. A record that still stands today, the youngest World Champion.

  • June

    Jackie Stewart

    He is one of the great characters of Grand Prix racing. The first British driver to be victorious in 3 world championships. He has the fitting sobriquet of the “Flying Scot”.

  • July

    Jack Brabham

    Brabham did it all. 3 World Championships, setting up winning racing teams and becoming a constructor too. This photo shows him in his eponymous car and team on his way to the 1966 French GP victory.

  • August

    Niki Lauda

    Lauda won his first title in 1975. He may have won in 1976 too, if it wasn’t for a near-fatal accident. He had the greatest sporting comeback in history with another title in 1977 and a third in 1984.

  • September

    Nelson Piquet

    After 2 titles driving a Brabham car, Piquet then drove for Williams in 1986. He went on to defeat his team mate, Nigel Mansell, taking the 1987 title.

  • October

    Ayrton Senna

    There are fewer more iconic sights than the red and white McLaren with a yellow helmet in the cockpit. The great Senna achieved 3 titles in those famous colours.

  • November

    Max Verstappen

    After a controversial first title in 2021, Max has been dominating F1 since, now with 3 championships in succession. With time on his side and an abundance of talent, there are likely more titles to come.

  • December

    Fernando Alonso

    Often referred to as one of the greatest drivers in the history of F1. Alonso was the one who disrupted Schumacher’s run of titles and has been in contention during many more seasons since.

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