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I was blown away by the positive reception to the calendar I created last year and so I thought I’d do it again and for this 2021 edition, I made some improvements to take the product to the next level. Only subtle changes, but it all matters to me to make it the product I want it to be.

For the first edition, the 2020 version, the outer box was plain black with a sticker applied in the corner. While this worked and was nicely colour matched with the inner tray, the sticker annoyed me and took away some of the finesse of the product as a whole.

After discussions and a few trials with my printing partners, I settled on something rather special – foiling. Now this is a technique where a hot foil is laid onto the card and creates a fantastic effect and really sets the packaging off beautifully. The foil creates a shine and I was so pleased with the end result I had to make a little video on Twitter to show the shininess!

As well as this upgrade to the packaging, for the 2021 version, there’s 13th card which acts as an introduction to the calendar and takes you through each of the months and stories behind the images. I feel like this completes the product and creates a great experience for those who choose to buy or gift one to friends and family.

I hope you agree with these upgrades and enjoy the new 2021 edition of the “Greatest Grand Prix Calendar” for 2021. Oh and after the theme of the greatest drivers, it seemed right for this edition to focus on the greatest cars and I had a lot of fun browsing the incredible Cahier Archives for some truly stunning photography. Huge thanks again to Paul-Henri for partnering with me on this 2nd edition.

Note that although the first edition featured the race dates for each month, they were of course, all wrong with the pandemic delaying and changing the whole calendar of race dates for 2020. For this edition, the pandemic is still ongoing and race dates are far from being confirmed, so no race dates are on the calendar, but instead you’ll find some wonderful quotes from drivers and famous names in the sport, I think this adds a new dimension to the calendar.