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After a promising debut and a well received 2nd edition, the 3rd edition of the Greatest Grand Prix Calendar is now available for pre-orders. For this 2022 edition, I’ve made some further tweaks, minor but again I wanted to build upon the design and make sure it lives up to its name!

The theme for 2022 is “Masters of Monaco” – with it being the most prestigious race in the sport and so many greats have won multiple times along side some simply bonkers grands prix, I think it’s a great fit for the calendar. I’m pleased to confirm that once again the calendar has been produced in partnership with the Cahier Archive and features yet more stunning photography.

For the 2022 edition, I’ve made some subtle tweaks to the materials so the cards feel even more premium than before and bring out the colours and style of the photography even more so than before. I didn’t think it was possible, but again my printing partners helped get the best out of the design. The introductory card includes stories for each of the months and to some extent justifies each of the entries on the months. Each month features an apt, mildly motivating quote from a driver or F1 personality, in keeping with the image.

And finally, the packaging design has been upgraded further – again using the black foiling, but with the focus on Monaco, it includes a gorgeous hand drawn outline of the Monte Carlo circuit. I think it looks ace and to really show you the effect, here’s a few copies of the calendar, ready for wrapping. Small business literally begins on the kitchen table.

And here’s a nice collection of images for you, I hope you all enjoy this 3rd edition!