99* Uses for a Tea Towel

99* Uses for a Tea Towel

Sure, you can use our Grand Prix Tea Towel to dry your dishes, but what else are they good for?

  • Drying the dishes, yes that’s obvious I know.
  • Rubbing off a damp dog (please don’t then use it for number #1)
  • As a ‘interesting’ sun hat
  • Covering your bread dough
  • As a liner for a basket, of fruit or cakes
  • Stitch a couple together to make a scarf
  • Placing over a tea pot to keep your brew a little warmer (not quite as effective as F1 tyre warmers, but still)
  • Pop it under a mixing bowl to stop it wondering about when using a mixer
  • Grabbing hot trays from the oven
  • As headware if your child is in a nativity
  • With your slow cooker to make a super tight seal
  • Tuck into your trousers as a makeshift apron
  • Using it like a drying rack for glasses
  • Gently patting dry your spinach leaves
  • Keep in the car for wiping the windows
  • Covering food at picnics
  • Keeping warm food warm
  • Place under your chopping boards to stop them moving about
  • Placing between pots and pans to protect then from scratches
  • You’ve run out of place mats, use a tea towel
  • They make great, albeit massive napkins
  • For battle against pesky flies, more eco than a plastic swatter
  • Lining shelves for mugs and what not
  • Attach to your kids t-shirt to make a superhero cape
  • Hang and frame on your wall (people do do this!)
  • Placing over keyboards to keep dust free
  • An emergency huge tissue if you have a runny nose
  • As protection around a bottle of wine on your way to a dinner party
  • Try your hand at origami (it’s tricky, but worth a YouTube tutorial)
  • Fold a few together to make a comfy pillow when camping
  • Upcycle to make cushion covers
  • Make a fun game with the kids, tucking them into trousers and trying to grab them

*Well, actually 30 but who’s counting??!

Do you have any more uses or ideas? Share away and tag me, @BoxBoxBoxCo on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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