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Clothing that looks good and does good.

Yes, it really is good. All our clothing products are made to order, so there isn't any wastage.

Organic materials, renewable energy, plastic-free packaging and recyclability made possible with tech via Teemill.

You can even get £5 back towards another shirt when yours wears out. Read on to learn more...

How it works

Natural & Organic

Our products are printed to order and made from organic cotton using renewable energy. Each item is designed to be sent back when worn out, and new products are made from the material that's recovered.

Organic cotton farming methods are better for producers and the ecosystem around the farms. Instead of more toxic pesticides and fertilisers, co-planting and insect traps are used along with the special ingredient - cow poo. It encourages biodiversity and leads to the extra soft feel of our organic cotton clothing.

Less inputs also means less water, but even organic cotton is still a thirsty crop. So where you grow it matters. The fields that grow the organic cotton for our products are in the North of India, where the monsoons fill reservoirs that supply almost all the water needed.

Plastic-free Packaging

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. This is bad. Instead of plastic packaging, we use a rip and splash-proof mailer bag made out of paper. Big orders come in cardboard boxes, with paper-based tape.

Plants, not plastic

Reuse the packaging or colour it in

Recycled material stickers

Carbon Neutral

Clean, renewable energy is a vital tool to reduce the worst effects of climate change. Throughout the supply chain, renewable energy is used. Teemill are proud to be carbon-neutral. Their manufacturing operations run on solar power and, in India, the factory owns two wind farms and a 150kw PV array. Renewable energy is affordable, reliable and something they are committed to using.

Within the factory, machine-to-machine communications technology allows the team to dynamically turn equipment on and off only when it is needed, balancing our manufacturing demand with on site generation.

Made to Last, get £5 back!

These products are made to last and we encourage everyone to care for them properly and use them for as long as possible. They're printed to order using water based inks one at a time and in real time, so there’s no waste from over-stocked designs and sizes. What is made is only what people need, when they need it. 

When they are no longer wearable, each product is designed to be sent back to us and the material reprocessed, respun and made into new products. This is how we're taking sustainable print on demand to the next level, so anyone can join the circular fashion movement. You can find instructions on how to do this inside every product on the washcare label. Scan it and get a Freepost code (if you're in the UK) to send the item back and get store credit in return.

Let's keep natural materials flowing, and end waste together.

Water clean enough to drink

Wastewater from dyehouse effluent is a major source of pollution in the clothing industry. Where our products are dyed, the water is recovered, cleaned and recirculated. After settling and skimming, the water is filtered using reverse osmosis and distillation. This is basically sucking up water through really fine sand over and over, then boiling it.

Salt is added back in so that the dye adheres and all the cruddy mulchy stuff left over is dried out and used for road markings. About 95% of the water is recirculated and recovered.

At the end, the water coming out of the filters and going back round to be reused again is crystal clear, literally clean enough to drink. Once it has been cleaned, it is then used at the input for the next batch. It is a closed loop system.