Creating the Greatest Grand Prix Calendar

Creating the Greatest Grand Prix Calendar

I’ve been working on a new product this year – and I’m calling it the “Greatest Grand Prix Calendar”. I collected the finished products last week and they are awesome. It’s a fully bespoke design and much nicer than any other desk calendar you’ll ever see. Felt a bit like being on the Apprentice TV show at times; drawing up designs, working with a creative printing company and others to finalise the product.

The calendar is made of twelve 7″x5″ calendar cards, all ridiculously premium (500gsm with a soft touch velvetly laminate finish) – each month features one of the greatest drivers in the history of Formula 1 and includes the 2020 race dates for that month.

Then on the reverse of each card is the full image to keep, display or frame – so it’s definitely not a calendar that will be redundant after the year is out. Instead it’s something to be treasured and loved by all enthusiasts of F1.

The cards are displayed on a unique two piece stand, another bespoke design and again, when the year is out, the stand will work to either display your favourite image from the year, or it also works well as a stand for your smart phone (genius accidental feature)

I formed a partnership with the world renowned Cahier Archive to source some of the best photographs from the last 70yrs of Grands Prix and they’ve been brilliant along with the others I’ve used to support me in this.

The end result is beautifully packaged (again, card based) and is a product that’s designed, printed and produced in Yorkshire (not many calendars have such a low carbon footprint!), It’s a product that will be kept and loved for years and is entirely plastic free and fully recyclable. All paper and card used is FSC accredited and good. The postage packing is made from recycled materials too.

It really is a premium product but something I’ve put so much time, thought and consideration into – the final calendar is stunning and I’m now pleased to say is available to buy.

Since it features the 12 greatest drivers in the history of F1 I can get away with saying this really is “The Greatest” Grand Prix Calendar.

It’s been a labour of love and I really hope you all love it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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