New Haas Livery Launched!

New Haas Livery Launched!

The 2023 season draws ever closer, now just 33 days until Bahrain GP and before then we have Winter Testing as well as Drive to Survive in just 24 days. Exciting.

Before all that though, this week sees the first cars being revealed with Haas unveiling their new car (ok, so just a new livery) today. Red Bull and others will follow shortly too.

The new Haas livery


Now, to be clear - this isn't a technical review of their new car, I'm not qualified for that and this is just a render - I'm only looking at the livery design and in short, I am IMPRESSED!

Red, white and black is a great colour palette for a racing car and the sleek lines with the white slashing through the black (especially the line drawn from the halo) works very well indeed. 

The red flashes on the wings and wheel covers work well too. My only criticism comes in with the top edge of the nose - wish they'd done something more fun here than just solid white with the logos - but then there's always a trade off - the livery has to look good, but also show the sponsor logos too and as 200mph billboard, this design works a treat. 

With the various night races under lights, liveries have to work in many different scenarios and I for one think the Haas livery design works a treat. Kudos to the designer, you've done well. 

Now I'm just waiting to see what the Hulk and K-Mag can do with it on track.

Do you like it? Let me know in the comments :) 

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