Formula 1 lends itself to stunning photography.

All imagery for the Grand Prix Calendar is licensed from the world renowned Cahier Archive.


He’s been called the “Cartier-Bresson of Motor Racing” due to his uncanny ability to snap the right moment. He knew everyone, and everyone knew him. From the 50s through the 70s, he was everywhere, covering grands prix.


Since the early 1980s his never ending hunt for the most graphic, stunning, creative, image has always been the mark of his distinctive style.


Each of the 12 calendar cards are produced on heavyweight premium card stock with a soft-touch velvet finish. Super durable, long lasting and joy for the eyes

Printed using the latest digital techniques to produce a ridiculously high end finish

Alongside each stunning photograph you have the days and dates for the month ahead, and famous grand prix quotes from drivers and personalities in the sport

The reverse of each card has the full image for that month, ready to be treasured or framed as part of your collection


Included with the calendar cards is a piece of super heavyweight card with 2 pieces pre-cut and ready to pop out and be assembled to produce an incredibly simple, yet perfect stand for your calendar.

Sturdy enough to hold all 12 cards, display a single image or even to use as a smart phone stand when the year is out.

  • January

    Sebastian Vettel

    A modern legend of the sport, but back in 2008 when he was driving for the Toro Rosso team with whom podiums were deemed unrealistic, he went on to win the Italian GP on merit from pole position.

  • February

    Damon Hill

    After winning the Championship in 1996, Hill then found himself in a back marker Arrows car for 1997. This didn’t prevent him nearly winning a race though. It was only a minor mechanical failure that cruelly dropped him to 2nd place in Hungary.

  • March

    Jenson Button

    He won many races for McLaren, but in 2011, the eventful Canadian GP saw him running in a podium position before dropping to the back and then fighting and taking the win in the final laps.

  • April

    Ayrton Senna

    He is regarded as one of the greatest drivers in the history. In 1993, whilst he was driving an underperforming McLaren, he beat everyone, achieving one of the most celebrated laps ever raced.

  • May

    James Hunt

    Hesketh – a team famous foremost for partying. At the Dutch GP though, Hunt took this small team to victory, beating the mighty combination of Lauda and Ferrari.

  • June

    Nigel Mansell

    He had booked an early flight home, before the race was scheduled to finish, because his Ferrari wasn’t expected to last the distance. Instead, miraculously, Nigel won. He subsequently booked a new flight home.

  • July

    Ayrton Senna

    Senna features again for his performance in Monaco 1984. In a Toleman, in the rain, he made himself known, and arguably, could and should have won the race before it was controversially ended prematurely.

  • August

    Keke Rosberg

    Rosberg is our underdog for August, as although he had many amazing races in 1982, he won the Championship despite only having taken victory once during the season.

  • September

    Giancarlo Fisichella

    This was Giancarlo’s first win at Jordan’s 200th race. He only received the trophy at the following race due to confusion over the finishing order after a crash forced the race to end 15 laps early.

  • October

    Gilles Villeneuve

    Gilles won the 1981 Spanish GP with a masterpiece of tactical racing giving him an unexpected but well-earned victory.

  • November

    Sir Stirling Moss

    Sir Stirling Moss is one of the most famous underdogs in the history of Grand Prix racing and is regarded as the greatest driver to never win a World Championship.

  • December

    Jean Alesi

    Jean Alesi was a hotly tipped young driver. He could have gone to Williams but instead chose Ferrari. Unfortunately, this turned out to be an unwise move. However, in Canada 1995, on his birthday, he took his one and only win.

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