We’re BoxBoxBoxCo, nice to meet you.

High Quality Products

We pride ourselves on only producing high quality products, this is the main focus of BoxBoxBoxCo. We don’t believe in cheap tat, instead we produce items that last well, bring a smile and will be treasured and well used.

An alternative

There are many brands and products for F1 enthusiasts, but many go down are the same old thing, cheaply made to make a profit. Instead we like to think outside the box (boxbox) and make interesting, good stuff.

Made in the UK

Our products are designed and made in the UK. All our designs are penned by us and we seek out excellent UK based manufacturers to help bring them to reality.

We love motorsport

Hello, nice to meet you!

We love motorsport. We also love product design and like to combine the two bring with the BoxBoxBoxCo brand. Have a look around, read more about us below and treat yourself or a motorsport fan friend, they’ll love you for it.

BoxBoxBoxCo was founded in 2016 by Adam. He loves nothing more than spending Sundays watching cars go quickly in circles. Adam is an all-round F1 enthusiast and is the original creator of Fantasy GP and Badger GP.  He spends his time in between races creating websites, engaging fans on Twitter and honing his barista skills. He’s also working hard on encouraging his little boy and girl that racing cars are good fun to watch.

BoxBoxBoxCo also works with other creatives and F1 enthusiasts – Rob (McLaren fan) is a graphic designer and animator who, when he’s not working on kids’ TV shows (he largely responsible for our love of Sarah & Duck), loves nothing better than drawing race tracks and more. Catherine (Ricciardo fan) is a creative consultant, working with social media management and is always busy testing new ideas and keeping us on track (pun intended). Sarah (also McLaren fan) is our professional in house F1 fan who when not trackside is busy spreading the word and being an ambassador for BoxBoxBoxCo.

We like to do good, by all.

Our products – Good in everyway

We’re serious about high quality products and these products doing good for everyone. Our products are entirely plastic free and recyclable. Designed and made in the UK and only produced in short runs.

Our Grand Prix Calendar is the an entirely bespoke design and like our Tea Towels, is created and manufactured in Yorkshire.

Our clothing is made from ethical threads, responsibly sourced and manufactured in factories powered by renewable energy sources. Our clothing manufacturer is a ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’ certified company, which means they work with responsible suppliers seeking to ensure fair and safe working conditions. You can wear BoxBoxBoxCo clothing knowing they are well made and made responsibly. All of our products are hand-finished here in the UK.

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