All the 2023 cars revealed

All the 2023 cars revealed

Alpine launched their cars (yep 2!) this evening and that completes the car launches ahead of the new season.

You can see them all below - There’s the black on black Mercedes, a very sleek red and black Ferrari, the standard but classy Red Bull, a black and red Alfa, the Alpine in blue, pink and black, the awkward res spots on the Alpha Tauri, a red black and white Haas, a papaya and black McLaren, the crazy shiny green Aston Martin and the simmering blue Williams. 

There’s a lot more black on the grid than ever before but it makes a rather smart line up for the new season.

From a visual point of view the black on black Mercedes is up there for me, the Alpha Tauri is ruined by the red Orlen sponsorship and my favourite is bizarrely the Haas. Red, black and white is classic combo and the stripes and slashes of colour really work. Kudos to the Haas livery designer!

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